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We love to be at all kinds of parties. Here are a few that we customized just for their event. Contact us and ask us how we can customize your event. From the prints to the animation on our booths!

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What are our clients saying?

"This is the best photo booth product in the Tulsa area.  It is easy to use and has many options that are so much better than your traditional photo booths.  It will be fun experience for all your guests at whatever occasion you need it for.  LeAnne and her staff are wonderful to work with."

Brett Rojo

"The team is extremely pleasant and amazingly professional and courteous.  The team is so engaging, caring, and fun that they feel like part of your family/community during the event.  Exceptional customer service!"

Marquetta Finley

"The Magic Selfie Mirror was so much fun at my wedding! All of the guests enjoyed it. The kids had a blast with it! I liked that you could write a personalized message on the photos or sign it. Very cool. The mirror even makes you feel great about yourself... it gives you compliments! It was a fun way for everyone to save their memories of our special day."

Sierra Rosebrough

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